I Love your light

I love your light,

William TURNER, The Sun

Your light that upsets me,
Your light consumes me
Questions and Answers
And my thoughts
Fall like the wax of a candle
On the golden plate of your eyes that weave the world,
Open as two clear pearls on the screen of the universe.
The volcanoes of your breasts for the wind of my hands,
The matter of your palms for the breathing of my heart,
The passion of life for the eroticism of our minds.
And summer is magic for wheat,
And the sap is the blood of summer.
Sap is the saliva of summer
And the furniture of the sea smells good your face.
You give me your noisy lassitude,
We extract the serene energy of the day,
You often fall asleep in the grass of the roads,
Wrapped like a ball of sunlight between the forearms of two jasmines
And we explore metallic birds that engrave the fate of our forests in the purple sky.
The bees climb the buildings of flowers to harvest perfumes that fall so deep in our souls.

Jean Henrion


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